Wish List

Your kindness and generosity have a profound impact on the children and youth we serve.  The Wish Lists offer suggestions for items that you or your organization can donate.

Please contact Christina Petzke at (980) 242-0064 or christina.petzke@elonhomes.org for more information on helping fulfill our Wish Lists or if you would like to know our current greatest needs.

Wish List Examples

  • Winter Coats.
  • Baby car seats and Strollers.
  • New Undergarments (underwear, t-shirts, bras & socks).
  • Non-perishable healthy snacks.
  • Board Games.
  • Bus or light rail passes for transportation home from after-school activities.

Help Us Acquire Life Books Supplies For Our Foster Kids

A Life Book is a scrapbook for Foster Children which serves as an historical record of their often transient life. When children come into care, there is little time or care put into gathering personal belongings or family memories, so Life Books are often the only record a Foster Child has of memories, past and present, baby photos, or mementos, to keep them connected to a history of themselves. A variety of scrap-booking materials are greatly needed for Elon Homes to teach and train Foster Parents on how to create and maintain a child’s Life Book, as well as stress the importance of these books to a child’s identity. We will be hosting Life Books workshops quarterly, to assist Foster Parents in putting these important records together for the child to keep with them their entire life. According to North Carolina Foster Care Licensing law, the Life Books are to be started within 24 hours of a child’s arrival into a new home, and then updated every 90 days. The book goes with the child through each placement or transition, so they can always have their photos, stories and mementos with them. Many of these children may never see their birth families again, and the items contained in these books allow them to maintain any memories of where they came from. Life Books help children feel lovable, worthy, capable, responsible and valuable. Please help us collect these much needed supplies so we can give these children an incredibly valuable gift; the gift of their own life memories

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