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Six Steps to Getting Your Estate Plan in Order in 2019

Sometimes things you don't address today can come back to haunt you tomorrow. Delaying that doctor's appointment or putting off a visit to the mechanic about that intermittent knock in your car's engine may seem to make sense given your busy schedule—but those...

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Thanks for Considering a Gift

Your faithful support is greatly appreciated.  In addition to saying thank you, we would like to share information that can help assure the maximum benefits from your gifts.  By spending a few minutes carefully considering the form and timing of your gifts, you may...

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MEET ELY: A Great Young Man

Ely calls Elon Homes of North Carolina his biggest blessing. As a young child, Ely and his brother and sister were placed by DSS with a loving Elon Homes foster care family. The foster family provided a positive environment for him and his siblings. Not being raised...

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In 2017, Elon Home’ family foster care program resolved more than 80% of the cases we managed, placing those children on a path toward more stable and permanent footing…

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One Story of Many . . . Alice & Alan

Elon Homes’ foster care program provides safe haven to many children in dire situations. When twins Alice and Alan were born prematurely, they needed special care that their mother—living in substandard housing at the time—could not provide…

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