Philanthropic Support

What Is Your Legacy?

Your gift to Elon Homes has an immediate and future impact on the lives of children who struggle with significant challenges in their lives.

Your investment will give the young people we serve the opportunity for happiness, success, and future independence.  The difference you can make is immeasurable as it helps children reach their God-given potential and prepare for responsible citizenship and well-lived lives.

Federal, state and local funds do not cover the full cost of providing foster care for children or support services for young adults. Philanthropic gifts are needed to bridge the gap between the reimbursement rate for services and the actual cost to care for children and youth. This is the public/private partnership that is a cornerstone of American values.

  • The gap is $100 per month for each child in community foster care.
  • The gap is $250 per month for each Village resident (in the start-up year).

Only with the help of our generous donors will Elon Homes be prepared to continue existing programs and extend services to children and young adults at critical times in their lives.

Founded in 1907 as a Christian orphanage by caring people from Fuquay, North Carolina, Elon Homes has provided safe haven, life skills, educational and employment opportunities to thousands of children for more than a century.

Please contact Fred Grosse at (704) 369-2505 or for further information.

Ways To Give

Please see our Planned Giving section for further information about ways to give.  We are pleased to provide planning tools that might help you determine how best to fulfill your charitable intentions.

Tax Free Rollover

Please check with us or your advisors for more information or to learn how donors over 70 ½ have been able to make direct distributions to Elon Homes from Individual retirement accounts (IRAs).  Millions of Americans are required to take annual IRA withdrawals, regardless of need.  Millions more will attain this milestone this year.  Your direct gifts to Elon Homes from your IRA can be excluded from your gross income and will count toward your required minimum distribution.

An Invitation to Join the Elon Homes Legacy Society

The Legacy Society was created to honor individuals who have named Elon Homes as a beneficiary in their will or trust, retirement account, charitable gift annuity or charitable trust, life insurance policy, or through the establishment of an endowed fund.

We are grateful for the opportunity to acknowledge these special benefactors during their lifetimes.  In conjunction with our mission, this special society provides an opportunity for benefactors to make their philanthropy a perpetual legacy for themselves and an example for their families.  It also creates an infrastructure of support that will make our mission stronger, sustainable, and better-equipped to reach future generations.

In recognition of their generous commitment, members of the Legacy Society are honored with periodic invitations to special events and recognition in our publications.  In addition, Legacy Society members have the satisfaction of knowing that their gifts will provide children with opportunities for hope.

Bequest Language

To name Elon Homes and Schools for Children, Inc., or any charitable organization in your will or trusts, give your attorney its full legal name to use.  To make a bequest to Elon Homes and Schools for Children, use the following statement:

“I leave to Elon Homes and Schools for Children, Inc. $___ (or, ___% of my estate or specific property) (or, all remaining assets and residue from my estate).”

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Thanks for Considering a Gift

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