Mission & Vision

Elon Homes and Schools for Children (EHSC) has been helping children for more than a century. Over the years, our services have evolved to best meet the needs of low-income or otherwise disadvantaged children in the region. However, our function remains the same: providing safe haven, life skills and education to the children in our care. That’s our mission.

In the early days, this meant caring for orphaned children and teaching them to make their way in the world. Today it means helping children from disadvantaged circumstances gain the hope, healing and education they need to thrive.

Our mission is served through three programs:

Each program meets a specific need that matters to the wellbeing of the children we serve. Together they give our organization a unique ability to address the whole child and to empower children and families.

Helping children. Fostering hope. Empowering futures. With a century of experience behind us and your support to propel us, our children and our community can flourish! We invite you to visit our websites often to learn more about the good work and good results our programs are delivering.


Rev. Dr. Frederick G. Grosse, President/CEO

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