Ely calls Elon Homes of North Carolina his biggest blessing. As a young child, Ely and his brother and sister were placed by DSS with a loving Elon Homes foster care family. The foster family provided a positive environment for him and his siblings. Not being raised in one’s biological family can have its challenges but Ely, his foster family and the Elon Homes staff worked together every step of the way to make sure Ely was on the right path for success.

When Ely turned 18, he aged out of foster care. At that young age, he was unsure of his life’s direction and where he could live. He decided to leave North Carolina, a place he had called home for so long, to be closer to family in Texas. However, living on a family member’s couch, having to help pay monthly household bills, searching for a job and learning a new city proved to be challenging for the recent high school graduate to handle.

At this point, Ely heard about The Village and called Program Director April Rainer to find out if it was a match for his needs. The Village was exactly what Ely was searching for!

At The Village, Ely has a place where he can live safely, explore job options with Elon’s trained staff, continue his education, and be part of a community with other youth of similar backgrounds. He also receives a monthly stipend for completing chores on campus.

With the guidance of our trained Residential Advisors, Ely has found stability in his life. He works at a great job at Charlotte Douglas Airport with Jet Stream and because of his maturity and responsible nature, Ely recently was selected to be an Ambassador for The Village. This position gives Ely opportunities to represent The Village in the community and to share his experience with future residents, volunteers and donors. He intends to soon also enroll at CPCC.

The Elon Homes community is proud of Ely, and we are so encouraged that our Foster Care Village program now serves young men like him who have aged out of foster care at age 18, but still seek assistance with living arrangements and their education and employment so they are prepared to move successfully into adulthood.

Ely and his fellow Village residents have a much brighter future and a lot to offer our community when they complete the program at Elon Homes Foster Care Village.

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