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Dr. Frederick Grosse

Dr. Frederick Grosse

President/Chief Executive Officer

Wendy Laxton

Wendy Laxton

Chief Financial Officer

Julie Kramer

Julie Kramer

Vice President, Administration

Board of Governors

F. Bradley Gilliam, Chief Governance Officer
Veronica R. Dawkins
Peter W. Estelle
Lisa L. Johnson
David Kennedy
Jackie Toole
Jane Parrish

Governors Emeriti
Helen Alspaugh
Dale Bennett
T. Joe Fort, Jr., Sr.
Rev. James E. Humphrey
Rev. Ross E. Marion
Michael A. Stewart

Governance Model

Elon Homes is governed through use of the Policy GovernanceĀ® model. Policy Governance, an integrated board leadership paradigm created by Dr. John Carver, is a groundbreaking model of governance designed to empower boards to fulfill their obligation of accountability for the organizations they govern. The model enables the board to focus on the larger issues, to delegate with clarity, to control management’s job without meddling, to rigorously evaluate the accomplishment of the organization; to truly lead its organization.

The model of board leadership is universally applicable

  • to any governing board
  • of any type of organization
  • in any culture
  • at any stage of development.

Policy Governance principles are extensively applicable to management as well as to governance.  Elon Homes management adheres to the model in its relationship with the board operating under Policy Governance and its relationship with employees.

Board Conflict of Interest Policy

Members must avoid conflict of interest with respect to their fiduciary responsibility.

  • Any contract for services resulting in any form of financial remuneration or any payment for direct services to a member of the Board of Governors or to any entity through which a member of the Board will receive financial benefit shall be approved solely by the president. The president shall report any such agreement to the entire Board of Governors through this policy at the next meeting of the Board of Governors.
  • When the board is to decide upon an issue about which a member has an unavoidable conflict of interest, that governor shall absent herself or himself without comment from not only the vote, but also from the deliberation.
  • Governors will not use their board position to obtain employment in the organization for themselves, family members or close associates. Should a governor apply for employment, he or she must first resign from the board.

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