Kids Central of the Carolinas

Kids Central of the Carolinas is a behavioral and mental health agency with licensed clinicians committed to providing psychological services to youth and their families. It is one of the few child-focused counseling and testing services in the region that accepts Medicaid, making much-needed care accessible to low-income families.

Kids Central makes the emotional and educational needs of today’s children and their families central to everything it does. We provide a wide range of behavioral health services, including individual therapy, family therapy, testing and assessment, and more.

Kids Central helps more than 250 children and youth a year, and that number is growing–reflecting the urgent need for our services. Two-thirds of our clients report improvement in their emotional, behavioral, academic and social health as a result of the care Kids Central provides.

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One story of many . . . Demetrius

Demetrius is 13. To see him in class now, one wouldn’t suspect the emotional and educational challenges he has overcome. But just two years ago, it was a very different story.

Demetrius’s mother passed away when he was 11. Struggling with his grief and anger, he often had to be separated from other students because of disruptive behavior. His reading and writing was far below grade level, and his academic progress was slow. Luckily, that’s not where his story ends.

Demetrius received therapy from Kids Central of the Carolinas. His Kids Central therapist and his Kennedy Charter School teachers, all here on site, worked hand-in-hand to provide the care he needed.

Demtrius’s behavior slowly improved, as did his learning. His reading skills advanced by an entire grade level and his math skills went from a fifth-grade to eighth-grade level. Demetrius has begun a new and positive chapter in his life.

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