Education Matters to these Classic Philanthropists

More than 200 friends and supporters gathered in September at our annual Education Matters fundraiser and were privileged to celebrate and honor several supportive friends of children, including Dr. Ronald L. Carter, Jackie Toole, William Farthing, and Dr. Larry P. Arnn. Each has graced the lives of countless children with their passion for the care and education of young people. The virtues of character each possesses and models – integrity, fortitude, citizenship, justice – will continue to positively influence the world around us through the opportunities these individuals create for others.

Dr. Ronald L. Carter
Dr. Carter, 13th President of Johnson C. Smith University, joins a short list of recipients of our Caring for Children Award, those who have the heart and soul to every day fight on behalf of children in need – whether in personal ministry or mission or by virtue of the public office they hold. Dr. Carter has shown the vision and courage to help foster children, and the children of limited means, to become successful students in a K-16 continuum.

Jackie Toole
Spirit of Philanthropy Award recipient Jackie Toole has spent countless hours volunteering, always giving generously by making sure children in foster care have what they need to go to school, and also purchasing curriculum essential for student literacy. She also invites others to give and join her as part of the solution to urgent problems.

Bill Farthing
The 2014 Fred J. Kennedy Award recipient has gone far beyond his role of EHSC attorney at Parker Poe; he is a Christian servant who quietly and faithfully has worked in the vineyard on behalf of our children. Like our founder, Fred J. Kennedy, Bill Farthing has made numerous human connections between EHSC and community allies who further our mission for our children.

Dr. Larry P. Arnn
The 12th President of Hillsdale College, Dr. Arnn enthralled our audience with a profound keynote address. Hillsdale College, established in 1844, was the first American college to prohibit in its charter any discrimination based on race, religion, or sex, and was an early force for the abolition of slavery. It was also the second college in the nation to grant four-year liberal arts degrees to women. Published widely on issues of public policy, history, and political theory, Dr. Arnn is the author of Liberty and Learning: The Evolution of American Education and The Founder’s Key: The Divine and Natural Connection between the Declaration and the Constitution and What We Risk by Losing It.

These servant leaders are making it possible for young people to pursue their dreams of a well-lived life and of equal opportunity for success in our great nation.

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