Community-Based Family Foster Care

Elon Homes’ community-based foster care program provides refuge, within a licensed family setting, for children who need a safe place to live when their parents cannot adequately care for them.

We serve children, ages 0 – 21, from approximately a dozen North Carolina counties from Mecklenburg to Durham. We also accept referrals from any North Carolina Department of Social Services.

Children in foster care require special support and nurturing. Many foster children have a damaged sense of self-worth. Some have been victims of abuse or neglect. At Elon Homes, we recruit compassionate foster parents and provide extensive training to help them deliver the best care possible.
From reunification with birth parents to adoption and more, Elon Homes’ foster care program helps kids land on solid ground.

Our Outcomes

Because of diligent foster parent recruiting and training, strong case management, and the financial support of our generous donors, our outcomes as children’s advocates are notable:


In 2017, Elon Home’ family foster care program resolved more than 80% of the cases we managed, placing those children on a path toward more stable and permanent footing…

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One Story of Many . . . Alice & Alan

Elon Homes’ foster care program provides safe haven to many children in dire situations. When twins Alice and Alan were born prematurely, they needed special care that their mother—living in substandard housing at the time—could not provide…

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